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Sawgrass Community Church
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Have you completed the Discipling Program yet?

If not please contact Pastor Kristen or Pastor Debbie to get started!

Below is an outline of the chapters.


Chapter Overview

Chapter 1             Who is God

  1. Accuracy & origin of the Bible
    1. Personal thoughts on the “Trinity”
    2. Misconceptions about God
  2. Where have you seen fingerprints of God or God sightings

Chapter 2             Following Jesus

  1. Review of Chapter 1
  2. Discuss any questions that arose
  3. Discuss God & the Son (Chapter 3 discusses God, Holy Spirit & His unique role in our lives)

Chapter 3             A Work in progress

  1. Review chapter 2/ Reminder of the Covenant
  2.  How we are a work in progress

Chapter 4             Personal Prayer time

  1. Quick review of chapter 3
  2. 40 minutes personal prayer time
  3. 20 minutes prayer together
  4. Discuss revelations during prayer time

Chapter 5             Our story in His story

  1. 3-5 minutes – testimony
  2. Share your story if you have not already

Chapter 6            Humble Servant

  1. Serving – what it means
  2. Where do you serve?
  3. How does serving make you feel?

Chapter 7             Stewarding His Resources

  1. God’s provisions

Chapter 8             Spiritual Battles

  1. “Why do Bad things happen to good people?”

Chapter 9             Worship & the Church

  1. Has your disciple been baptized?
  2. Communion & it’s purpose

Discipling Form - disciplee

Fill out the attached form and return to Debbie Frederick

    Sawgrass Community Church
    **Currently, we are meeting in person as well as online using ZOOM. You can view the sermons on our YouTube channel or our *new* Vimeo channel or listen to them on podcasts. The opportunities are endless! If you would like to join us, please contact us with your email so you can get the appropriate link.**

    ***NEW LOCATION***
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